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ColdFusion : what is it?

What is ColdFusion?

ColdFusion is a programming language that makes it possible for websites to DO something. There are quite a few such languages, including ASP, PHP, JSP, to name some popular ones. While we do some PHP work, we choose ColdFusion whenever possible because we believe it is the best language for the rapid development of powerful web tools.

How does it work?

ColdFusion is a program that runs on the computers where your web site lives. ColdFusion web pages have the .cfm extension on their names (instead of .htm or .html). Special commands in the code of the web page are sent to the ColdFusion program and then standard html is returned for you to see in your browser.
Example: Let's say you want your website to have a seasonal look to it, snowy in winter, flowers in the spring, green in the summer, and autumn colors in the fall. In the old days, at the beginning of each season, you would have to call someone and ask them to revise the website's code to use the appropriate seasonal graphic. And it would use that graphic until you asked them to change it for the next season (or forgot, leaving your site snowy in May). On a dynamic site (one that DOES something), the designer could put in code that checks the date and then looks up which graphic to use. The whole year would go by and the graphics would match the season and no one would have to remember to do anything.

What can it do?

Check out our web tools pages to see some of the things that we've used ColdFusion for. ColdFusion allows us to use databases for information, make decisions using conditional logic, send e-mail using a special server, transfer files using file transfer commands – in short, all the things that your website can DO, we do with ColdFusion.

Who uses it?

According to Macromedia (who bought ColdFusion from its original developers at Allaire):
"In use at 75 of the Fortune 100 companies and at more than 10,000 other companies worldwide, ColdFusion MX is one of the most widely adopted web technologies in the industry....
  • More than 125,000 ColdFusion servers deployed
  • Estimated base of over 300,000 developers
  • Purchased by more than 10,000 organizations
  • Relied on by 40% of the Media Metrix Top 50 Web Properties
  • Used by nearly all major branches and agencies of the U.S. federal government
  • Used to develop more than 19.7 million ColdFusion pages (Source: Google)"

Do I need to know this?

Nope. The web pages on a ColdFusion site are used just like any other. There are no special programs or plug-ins required to use a ColdFusion site. We offer affordable reliable ColdFusion hosting. Supported hosting means we set it all up and you just sit back and be wowed by all the things your website can DO.
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