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About Web Tools

Our suite of tested and proven web tools makes adding high tech functionality simple and affordable because we're not re-inventing the wheel. We have already solved a lot of today's web problems and we have a flexible code base to draw from as we prepare tools for your site. Every organization is unique. We respect that and customize all modules to fit seamlessly into your web design.


All prices are based on stand alone installation of individual tools. Additional fees may apply for integration of multiple functionality modules and/or customization. All tools are ColdFusion based and require a ColdFusion hosting account.

Be sure to check our packages. We offer a variety of design, content, and web tool packages for different sizes and types of client. See if one works for you.

No Additional Fee Licensing

We typically issue a basic single-use license that permits you to utilize your modules forever without any additional fees. By retaining the rights to all custom and modular code, we are able to offer our clients the value of custom programming for far less than custom prices.

We also offer direct code access or re-sellable ownership under another licensing/payment structure. For most clients, our basic license coupled with one of our hosting plans makes the perfect package.

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