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Website Action Tools : what your website can do

Advocacy Tools

Create, edit, activate, and monitor e-mail campaigns and petitions from a user-friendly control center built into a security-protected area of your website.

Create new e-mail action or petition
New Action
Starting an action is easy. Just name it, describe it, and decide whether you'd like it to be an
e-mail campaign (individual e-mails sent after each signature) or a petition campaign (signatures are collected for group delivery).
Enter the letter itself
Text of the action
Enter the message content of the e-mail or letter.
Set the date
Completion Date
Set a completion date or leave the campaign open until you decide to terminate it.
Advocacy Center
Action Central
Each active action or campaign can be viewed or managed from the central hub. Actions in testing mode can be edited or activated. Active actions can be viewed or terminated.
Active Petition
A petition with form for signing.
Completed Actions
Completed actions are archived and can be viewed or cloned for new use. Results can be exported in text format for printing and other uses.


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