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Dungeness Communications : design process

Needs Assessment

How should your site look?
Your web site sets the tone for your clients' first impressions of you. Do you have a logo, colors, fonts, that should be incorporated? If you're starting fresh, what image would you like your website to project? Who is your audience and what do they like or expect?
What does your site need to DO?
There is much more to websites today than what they look like. Think about your site's functionality needs. Different organizations need different tools. Are you a non-profit with organizational needs? A municipality with public information responsibilities? A small retailer needing a shopping cart with professional product presentation? We can tailor a tools package to fit your needs.

Design Development

After the design goals are determined, we prepare mockups of different designs. For small sites and projects on tight budgets, we can begin with one. For larger projects, we recommend development of two or three to choose from. For most sites, we also create at least one corresponding interior page mockup.

Website Construction

After mockup approval, we build the site's page templates and navigation system. Your review and approval of the empty working shell completes this phase.


After the working shell is built, most clients have us format the "static" content, meaning those pages which will not change and are not driven by or created using the web tools. Even for clients who will eventually maintain their own sites, we recommend having us develop the primary pages, since for the most professional site look, font choices, text headers, illustrative graphics, photo treatment, and page layout must all be carefully controlled.

Website Action Tools

Tool installation is sometimes done concurrent with the addition of the static content. Databases are set up and each of the chosen tools is integrated and activated.

Test Drive

Once the site is complete but prior to launch, you have an opportunity (and responsibility) to review and test all the tools (and toys). Most of our tools are so user friendly that training isn't necessary, but if needed, we are available for either e-mail or phone training.


You give the word and we make the site public.
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